Automatic Doors For Education

Advanced Door Service offers automatic doors for educational institutions that are reliable, functional, and offer safety and security for staff and students.

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No matter where you are, you want to feel safe within your environment, especially in the education system. Schools must be functional yet safe for students of all ages, especially young children. At Advanced Door Service, we can help give students, staff, and parents the peace of mind needed for a successful school year. Here, clients have options that are ideal for education buildings that house many people at once.

Whether you are looking for extra security, fire protection, or doors that open on command, Advanced Door Service has options for your education facility with Advanced Door Service and Won-Door offerings.

Why Choose Advanced Door Service for Your School Door Needs?

When creating the best space for school-aged children, college-bound teens, or vocational students, you want the entrances to the building to be secure, easy to open, safe from damage, and backed with professional and convenient maintenance.

Easy Access for the Disabled

The doors designed by Advanced Door Service help schools adhere to the Disability Discrimination Act, providing more accessible access to the school building, classrooms, and restrooms for those who have a hard time pushing and pulling on manual doors.

Our doors make movement throughout the building easier for anyone in a wheelchair or who uses a walker or crutches. Revolving doors provide ample space and make it much easier for people with mobility issues to access doorways.

School Safety – Security and Fire Doors

Sadly, the safety of our schools is a huge topic in recent years. With the assistance of Won-Door, Advanced Door Service is making school a safer space for children, teachers, and staff, offering schools products to protect against fires, intruders, and more.

Won-Doors can stop intruders in their tracks with these added benefits: 

  • Access Controls – limits access after hours or in emergencies at the push of a button. Connects to external peripheral devices such as a keypad, card reader or fingerprint authentication device. Blocks sight lines and keeps out unwanted intruders.
  • High speed closing options – compartmentalizes and hardens buildings in seconds while still meeting ADA requirements and allowing for safe and secure passageway. Shut and lock corridors with a push of a button.
  • Fire Protection – Won-Door pioneered the development of the first-ever accordian type, fire-rated horizontal sliding door.  The doors provide fire protection while also providing an increased traffic flow and easier egress. 
  • Cost Effective – Minimizes costs by allowing for security on fire doors. Increases leasable space integrates with existing systems, replaces costly fire-rated glass and lowers maintenance costs, providing larger more open spaces for less.

    before and after

    Won-Doors Provide help provide efficient use of space for foot traffic.

In addition, Advanced Door Service offers bullet resistant glass on several of their door systems: HD-Slide™, HD-Swing™, several Advanced Door Service Revolving Door systems (Grand®, MiniGrand®, AutoFlow™, Visdom Elite®) and Secure Exit Lane systems. 

A blast resistant and hurricane-rated sliding door system from Advanced Door Service is designed to meet the US Department of Defense United Facilities Criteria (UFS): UFC 4-010-01 anti-terrorism standards for blast resistance.



With revolving, sliding, folding, and touchless options, there is no lack of accessibility with a wide range of doors from Advanced Door Service. 

Our products make life easier for everyone on school grounds, from the youngest kindergarteners with backpacks a little too big to distracted high schoolers with phones in their hands.


Aesthetically Pleasing

Keep your schools up-to-date with a modern appearance by swapping old doors with tiny glass slots or no windows with beautiful doors by Advanced Door Service.



Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are taking a closer look at proper hygiene and finding ways to make their schools safer for students’ health.

Contactless doors provide just another barrier for your students, teachers and parents from germs. We offer hands-free door opener installations that keep the germs that plague door knobs and handles away from students and staff.

automatic door

Sadly, schools are going through more than ever, and our children’s safety and protection are of the utmost importance when ensuring they receive the best education possible.

With security door options from Advanced Door Service, parents can feel comfortable knowing their child’s school is protected.

Options available for K-12 include:

  • Bullet Resistant Glass Doors
  • Blast Resistant Door
  • Won-Door Fire & Security Doors

Using Advanced Door Service can also provide an easy escape from fires and other dangerous situations. School safety and security are covered with the help of Won-doors.

Colleges and Universities

There are many door options when looking for the perfect solution for a college or university. These doors must be safe, functional and provide convenience, accessibility and added efficiencies.

Advanced Door Service offers higher education buildings the products they need for safety and productivity in all building areas.

  • Corridor Solutions 
  • Entrance Solutions
  • Meeting Room Solutions
  • Restroom Solutions

The safety and security of your school doesn’t stop in the classrooms. Advanced Door Service also offers fantastic options for dorms and common areas to make school life a little easier and provide peace of mind, even in the smallest of spaces.

  • Dorm Room Solutions

Vocational Schools

In a vocational school, students can learn valuable trades hands-on. Since their hands are always busy and likely full, automatic touchless doors are a must.

Advanced Door Service has sliding and swinging touch-free doors that are durable, visually pleasing, and perfect for vocational schools.

  • Classroom Solutions
  • Entrance Solutions
  • Restroom Door Solutions

Advanced Door Service Maintenance and Service For Education Facility Doors

The typical school day is a busy time for everyone inside the building and out, leaving no time for malfunctions and mishaps.

When you buy a door from Advanced Door Service, you get the promise of quality work and assistance when you need it, backed by our commercial door repair services.

  • 24-hour Emergency Service: Around-the-clock emergency service with experts on-hand to fix any problems.
  • Commercial Door Installation: We provide a threestep service to ensure your door is perfect the first time. 
    • Pre-installation: We help you select the ideal option for your school. 
    • Installation: Our team works hand-in-hand and builds a door you are 100% happy with.
    • Post-installation: We test and inspect the doors to ensure a safe and durable product.
  • Commercial Door Repair: Advanced Door Service offers commercial door repairs to all businesses, including schools.
  • Door Maintenance Contacts: We want to ensure our customers are always safe and protected, which is why we offer a maintenance contract to all schools. We provide scheduled inspections and perform repairs when needed.

Call Advanced Door Service For Your School Door Needs

We are here for your school whenever you need us, and our doors are designed to keep you safe. Don’t wait to protect your students and school. Contact Advanced Door Service for all your automatic door needs.

Your Checklist for Preventative Maintenance On Your Automatic Doors

Take these simple measures to ensure that your commercial and industrial doors run smoothly year round and function consistently.

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