Nearly 80% of Illness-Causing Germs are Spread by Your Hands

Source: BC CDC. Avoid Contamination with Simple Solutions for Manual and Automatic Doors. Choose from a variety of solutions to keep your staff and patrons safe.

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Touchless Activation

Reduce The Spread Of Germs

Advanced Door Service offers a wide range of touchless activation sensors. These sensors help reduce the spread of germs and also help improve accessibility.

Some models utilize microwave technology and the Doppler Radar effect. This Doppler Radar effect emits a signal that, when reflected by a moving object (i.e. a hand, cart, wheelchair, etc.), activates the door. This touchless feature greatly reduces the spread of bacteria commonly found on push plates requiring a physical touch for activation.



  • Clean Rooms
  • Common Areas and Corridors
  • Public Restrooms
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Commercial Properties
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Retail Facilities and more…

Contact us today for installation and retrofit of your doors in commercial facilities or residential buildings. 

Improve Accessibility

The case for automatic doors is simple: they are convenient, safe, offer enhanced security, and better control the flow of pedestrian traffic. Additionally, touchless automation can meet accessibility requirements and enhance user experiences in commercial and retail environments. Reducing the spread of germs and bacteria show a greater concern for pedestrian well-being while automating pedestrian access.

Advanced Door Service offers solutions to make businesses and other buildings accessible to people with physical disabilities. Touchless door activation devices can make your business ADA compliant with a quick, easy, and high-quality installation.

Advanced Door Service can integrate touchless switches into your door opener for easy installation and convenience. For maximum effectiveness, touchless plates can have both visible and audible alerts to aid in the successful signaling of a door’s activation. In dimly-lit areas, lighted touch plates help improve both visibility and accessibility.

These devices will work with almost any existing door operator and allow your customers and clients the convenience of a ‘touchless’ automated entryway without a complete doorway renovation.

Contact us today for installation and retrofit of your doors in commercial facilities or residential buildings. 

Options & Specifications

These devices will work on almost any existing automatic door operator.

Active Infrared: Sensors that emits infrared light and analyzes the reflections.

Doppler Radar: Specialized radar that uses the Doppler effect to produce velocity data about objects at a distance.

Capacitance: The ability of a system to store an electric charge.

Adjustable Hold Time: Configurable output hold time allows unique, user-defined device placement

IP Rating: Used to define levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies (tools, dirt etc) and moisture.

Audible Signal: A low volume sound goes off when the door is activated/opened.

Hands-Free Solutions for Manual Doors

Foot Pulls

Arm Pulls

Why Choose Advanced Door Service

Preventive maintenance for automatic openings by Advanced Door Service

Preventative Maintenance

With our industry-leading preventative maintenance agreements we prevent break-downs and save on costs over the life of your door.

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A commercial door supported by your local ADS team

Best Local Presence

With 12 technicians, each with a van fully stocked with parts, we have the largest presence in the community.

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ADS truck that ensures speedy dispatch for support and repair

Speed of Dispatch

We will have a technician work on your door within 24 hours. In an emergency we will help you after hours.

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Most Industry Experience

Our technicians have the most experience based on 60 years of company history and a leading technician training program.

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Commercial Door Products

We have the greatest product depth and breadth in the industry, with more types of openings than any competitor including innovative technical solutions for niche industries.

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