ADS repair man on free inspection visit offer

Keeping your doors open safely is essential. We’ll check yours, for FREE.

To help local businesses we’re offering a FREE site visit, complete thorough door-check and 25% off parts.

First it was Covid, then the threat of protests. Now your focus is keeping your doors open, safely and securely. And now more than ever, you’re looking to save money.

That’s why we’re offering:

Peace of Mind

A Free Site Inspection including a thorough check of all door parts *


25% off first Parts Order **

But Hurry! We only have 12 spots left!

*  The free inspection fee is applicable to 3 doors maximum. More than three doors, please call for pricing.

** Parts include but are not limited to push plates, sensors, track caps, limit switches, rollers, guides and pivots, thresholds and hands-free activation devices.

After being looted, I needed a door to keep my business, my staff and my customers safe and secure. Without a safe door my business can’t stay open. Advanced Door Service did their inspection and fixed a minor problem that could have become a major headache. Now I’m ready to rebuild after Covid and protests. Thank you!

It costs nothing to have your door checked.

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