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Increasing Automatic Door Service Needs

Automatic doors continue to increase in popularity, offering convenient and safe entryways and exits. From no-hands options to keyless entry, they can increase the ease and security of movement. They also allow traffic to flow more smoothly. And they blend beautifully with any building, whether it is new commercial construction or an older business that needs retrofitted doors. They can modernize function and improve ADA compliance without taking away from the building’s character.

The moving parts and technical systems of automatic doors require ongoing maintenance and inspection, and occasionally, like anything mechanical, they will need repairs. With the demand increasing, getting service technicians to your building quickly can be a challenge. 

But Advanced Door Service can meet this challenge. With 12 AAADM certified technicians in fully supplied vans, backed by the company that invented automatic sliding doors – Horton Automatics – we’re ready to meet all of Bethlehem’s automatic door repair and maintenance needs.

When Doors Break Down

Building repairs are never fun, but door issues can cause major problems. Changing traffic flow to avoid the broken door can cause congestion and inconvenience. Internal door issues may make some rooms completely unusable. And if your security system or accessibility buttons aren’t working, safety, liability, and compliance issues come into play.

Keeping your Bethlehem employees, customers, and tenants safe is a number one priority, and you also want to keep them happy. Having a broken door can ruin both. And dealing with emergency repairs in the middle of a busy workday or after hours is stressful for you too. 

Whether you are managing an apartment complex for Lehigh University students, a medical manufacturing facility, an office complex, or a retail business, people are counting on you, and you need the doors to work correctly and repairs to be made quickly.

Advanced Door Service Meets Your Door Service Needs

At Advanced Door Service, we have the education and experience to meet your commercial and industrial automatic door repair needs.

Whether the mechanical door operating system, a security sensor, software issue or other problem has stopped your door from working correctly, we have the training and tools to correct the problem. All 12 of our technicians are certified with AAADM (American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers). And we have the backing of industry innovator Horton Automatics, the creator of the original sliding doors over 50 years ago.

We will also work with you to prevent emergencies from ever happening in the first place. Our company can provide the regularly scheduled maintenance to keep your doors and accessories in top working order, even if we didn’t perform the original installation. And we can train you to do the simple daily inspection and maintenance that will extend the life and improve the service of your automatic doors.

You can Advanced Door Service for all your automatic door needs, from prevention to the cure. Call us today to learn more and schedule your first appointment.

Why Choose Advanced Door Service

Preventive maintenance for automatic openings by Advanced Door Service

Preventative Maintenance

With our industry-leading preventative maintenance agreements we prevent break-downs and save on costs over the life of your door.

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A commercial door supported by your local ADS team

Best Local Presence

With 12 technicians, each with a van fully stocked with parts, we have the largest presence in the community.

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ADS truck that ensures speedy dispatch for support and repair

Speed of Dispatch

We will have a technician work on your door within 24 hours. In an emergency we will help you after hours.

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Highly experienced support, installer and repair ADS team member

Most Industry Experience

Our technicians have the most experience based on 60 years of company history and a leading technician training program.

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Our Process

Getting your Automatic Door fixed is as easy as 1-2-3:


Call us 24/7

We answer the phone day and night and have technicians on call 24/7. We schedule a technician within 24 hours. If it’s an emergency then we will service your door even after hours.


Fast Dispatch

Our AAADM certified technician comes and investigates the problem. We assess the door and let you know what needs to be done to quickly return it to its fully functional state.


Reliable Repair

We repair your door on the spot with cost-effective and high quality parts from the inventory in our van. For more complex issues or rare parts, we will schedule a timely follow-up.

Commercial Door Products

We have the greatest product depth and breadth in the industry, with more types of openings than any competitor including innovative technical solutions for niche industries.

Our Commercial Door Services

24-Hour Emergency Service icon for Advanced Door Service

24-Hour Emergency Service

We have technicians on call 24/7 and will service your commercial door even after hours.

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Advanced door repair icon by Advanced Door Service

Automatic Door

We service and repair most makes and models of automatic door manufacturers.

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Drive thru window icon for Advanced Door Service

Drive Thru Window Repair

Servicing Drive Thru and Security Windows for pharmacies, hospitals and restaurants.

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Preventive maintenance icon by Advanced Door Service

Preventative Maintenance

Save 25% of the lifetime cost of your automatic doors with Preventative Maintenance.

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So, call us now for immediate service

In the meantime, download our whitepaper with tips for maintenance of your commercial door, or meet some of the clients we have helped to keep the doors in their building running smoothly so that people can easily and safely move in and out. You can stop being frustrated with the delays and high cost of door repairs and instead have complete peace of mind from predictable cost and smooth operation based on quality service performed quickly.

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