Automatic Door Repair in Bristol, Pennsylvania

Keep the traffic in your building flowing with swift response for all your automatic door needs.

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Automatic doors are an essential feature of modern buildings, especially those with heavy foot traffic. An automatic door is visually pleasing to the eye of the average customer since it caters to the needs of all types of visitors, including those with special needs. It provides a business with heightened security and offers better value in the long run by helping to conserve heating or cooling, thereby lessening electricity bills.

Automatic doors are built to last, especially when maintained regularly. However, occasionally, just like any other machine, they need repair. 

Advanced Door Service is Bristol’s most reliable automatic door repair company when either of these situations occurs. Advanced Doors is home to Bristol’s best AAADM certified technicians. 

No matter what time of the day your company’s automatic door needs repair or maintenance, we’ll be available. Our 24/7 service is handled by all AAADM certified technicians who can repair all models of automatic doors from any manufacturer. 

Hidden Costs Associated with Faulty Automatic Doors

There are many malfunctions that your business’s automatic door could experience. The most common is for the door not to open. Other common issues include the door opening for no reason or its speed becoming too quick or slow.

If you’ve never had an experience with a faulty automatic door, you might not realize the amount of disruption it causes. Simple tasks like entering and exiting a building would prove difficult, with visitors having to take an alternative entrance. Customers who visit your company at that specific time could have a wrong impression of your business.

The hidden cost of a business that needs commercial door repair is the opportunity cost that arises from the loss of customers and clients. Allowing such a minute problem to disrupt your organization’s profits is a no-no, and this is why you need quick, efficient automatic door service.

Giving your Business the Best Anytime, Any Day Of The Week

Typically, other technicians take a lot of time to rectify a moderately difficult problem. Most of the time, they don’t even show up to your building with the required tools. Sometimes, after examining the problem, one or two crucial tools could turn up missing, making the technician waste more time.

Here, at Advanced Door Service, we’re trained professionals with an emphasis on expediting the period taken to perform automatic door repair for your building. The wealth of knowledge of the company spans 50 years. In essence, no matter how old your door is, there’s an adequate experience to repair it.

You’re also assured of quality maintenance as all our on-site workers have AAADM certification and comply with its recommendations and safety standards. All of this is achieved while tailoring our services to suit the make and manufacturer of your automatic doors.

Some of the maintenance activities we perform in conjunction with automatic door repair include lubricating metals moving parts like hinges, inspecting the tracks of the doors, checking the weather-stripping, and verifying that the threshold under swing doors remains tight to prevent rodents.

Advanced Door has great product depth, including Swing Doors, Drive-Thru Windows, Hands-free Door Opener, Fire Doors, Sliding Doors, Commercial Steel and Glass Doors, Hospitality Doors, Handicap Door Opener, and so much more.

Our company is backed by Horton Automatics, the inventor of the automatic sliding door system. Because of this, the servicing of your doors through Advanced Door technicians guarantees you long-lasting durability and a lower probability of experiencing an automatic door maintenance problem

We take service calls through the whole of Bristol. It doesn’t matter whether your building is near the Grundy Museum, the Silver Lake Nature Center, or Bristol Park. Our technicians will be promptly there to respond to your needs.

Hours of operation are from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm from Monday to Friday. However, we are available for emergency after-hour repairs as well. 

Why Choose Advanced Door Service

Preventive maintenance for automatic openings by Advanced Door Service

Preventative Maintenance

With our industry-leading preventative maintenance agreements we prevent break-downs and save on costs over the life of your door.

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A commercial door supported by your local ADS team

Best Local Presence

With 12 technicians, each with a van fully stocked with parts, we have the largest presence in the community.

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ADS truck that ensures speedy dispatch for support and repair

Speed of Dispatch

We will have a technician work on your door within 24 hours. In an emergency we will help you after hours.

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Highly experienced support, installer and repair ADS team member

Most Industry Experience

Our technicians have the most experience based on 60 years of company history and a leading technician training program.

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3 Easy Steps to Work with Us


Call us 24/7

We answer the phone day and night and have technicians on call 24/7. We schedule a technician within 24 hours. If it’s an emergency then we will service your door even after hours.


Fast Dispatch

Our AAADM certified technician comes and investigates the problem. We assess the door and let you know what needs to be done to quickly return it to its fully functional state.


Reliable Repair

We repair your door on the spot with cost-effective and high quality parts from the inventory in our van. For more complex issues or rare parts, we will schedule a timely follow-up.

High Quality Automatic Door Service, Maintenance, and Repair

The team at ADS has been trained in repairing and maintaining all types of doors from automatic sliding doors to the most advanced hospital specialty doors, our team makes sure that your doors stay working perfectly.

Advanced Door Service offers repair and maintenance services for the following doors:

Our Commercial Door Services

24-Hour Emergency Service icon for Advanced Door Service

24-Hour Emergency Service

We have technicians on call 24/7 and will service your commercial door even after hours.

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Advanced door repair icon by Advanced Door Service

Automatic Door

We service and repair most makes and models of automatic door manufacturers.

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Drive thru window icon for Advanced Door Service

Drive Thru Window Repair

Servicing Drive Thru and Security Windows for pharmacies, hospitals and restaurants.

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Preventive maintenance icon by Advanced Door Service

Preventative Maintenance

Save 25% of the lifetime cost of your automatic doors with Preventative Maintenance.

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So, call us now for immediate service

In the meantime, download our whitepaper with tips for maintenance of your commercial door, or meet some of the clients we have helped to keep the doors in their building running smoothly so that people can easily and safely move in and out. You can stop being frustrated with the delays and high cost of door repairs and instead have complete peace of mind from predictable cost and smooth operation based on quality service performed quickly.

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What Our Clients Say

With 60 years of experience and the most skilled technicians in the industry, we have helped countless clients keep their commercial doors in shape.
Here are some client testimonials:

"The service tech does an excellent job for us and lets us know how long parts will take and when he will be back."
Medical Facility in Low Moor, VA
"Jay, their field technician, is number one in my book. Every service call when he shows up is handled in an efficient and professional manner always with positive results. I would 100% recommend."
Google Review, Burlington, NJ
"Their technicians are very knowledgeable."
Lavaca Medical Center in Hallettsville, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you charge to service a commercial door?

    We charge for travel time, the time spent assessing the situation and performing repairs, and any materials required. If the required repairs are anticipated to be costly then we give you a quote, and ample time to make a decision. If a formal quotation is not required, then we will ask you to approve the work in advance so we can start the work for you immediately! Please note that our services are available 24 hrs/day, however service requirements outside of normal business hours (8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday to Friday) will be charged at a premium rate.
  • Do you have certified technicians?

    All our technicians are AAADM certified and carry their AAADM cards with them.
  • What areas do you service?

    We service West and Eastern Pennsylvania and Virginia.
  • Which commercial door brands do you service?

    We service most commercial door brands, such as Horton, Dorma, Stanley, Assa Abloy, Boon Edam, Crane, MobilFlex, Dor-O-Matic, Hunter, Nabco GyroTech, Record, Keane Monroe, and TormaxChase/Saino.